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Promoters and Board of Directors

Mr. VU QUANG HOIChairman of the Board

Mr. Hoi, now aged 50, has been holding the top position in BITEXCO since the Group decided to diversify. Presently, he is in-charge of overall Corporate Strategy and Development Plan. Graduating from Hanoi University of Agriculture as a mechanical engineer, Mr. Hoi started his profession as a management graduate in BITEXCO in the late 80s and has dedicated his entire career to make BITEXCO a strong, Multi-industrial private company. Mr. Hoi has driven BITEXCO to diversify from a labor-intensive textile business to a technology-intensive fast growing corporation with diversified interests across the sectors of real estate, construction, hydropower, road sectors, mining, and other. He has provided a competitive edge to BITEXCO through the adoption of international best practices in the areas of corporate management, project management, work conduct and human resource aspects. His vision has enabled BITEXCO to stand firmly and achieve growth even in the global economic meltdown scenario.

Looking beyond the scope of BITEXCO, Mr. Hoi has introduced initiatives and new concepts into every sector. His initiatives in the Real Estate Market have geared the Vietnamese economy towards enhancing the standards of living of the Vietnamese people. He has pioneered the entry of the private sector into critical areas which were exclusively dominated by the State Owned Enterprises (SOEs) including infrastructure development, oil and gas business and many others. He has significantly contributed to upgrade infrastructure in remote and rural areas with power projects in Ha Giang, Dien Bien despite technical difficulty and challenging cost obstacles.

Mr. IN SUK KOChief Executive Officer

Aged 60, Mr. Ko joined BITEXCO in March 2011, as in-charge of overall management of the Group. He has been playing an important role in enhancing the professional conduct of BITEXCO to establish BITEXCO at par with international players while facilitating the entry of Vietnam into international markets. Mr. Ko was associated with HYUNDAI E&C for more than 32 years. His last appointment there was as an Executive Vice President of HYUNDAI E&C, the mother company of HYUNDAI conglomerate in South Korea. While holding this post from 2007 to 2009, he was awarded "An Outstanding new order of overseas project" from the Minister of Land, Transport and Marines Affairs in Korea. Mr. Ko has vast on-the-job experience of managing mega construction projects across the US, the Middle East and Asia. The BITEXCO Financial Tower is a highlight of his remarkable project execution track record in Vietnam.

Prior to joining BITEXCO, Mr. Ko was the president of HUDIGM, a global engineering and green energy services group which works on large-scale architectural and civil design projects. Mr. Ko is a graduate from the Han Yang University, Seoul, Korea.