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The MOT of the Government of Vietnam is responsible for the development of expressways and highways in Vietnam. The MOT is a government agency that is responsible for the management of transportation by road, rail, inland waterway, maritime, aviation within the country and governance of the public service in accordance with the law.

Some of the key functions carried out by the MOT are as follows:

  • The MOT directs the implementation, planning and the development of the transportation infrastructure that is approved by the Prime Minister.
  • The MOT enacts building standards (standards for infrastructure construction) and regulates the management of infrastructure according to the traffic authority. The functions carried out by the MOT with this respect are regulating the use of management, maintenance and exploitation of transport infrastructure within the country and directing and inspecting the maintenance organization, standards, technical regulation of communication networks.
  • The MOT organizes the tasks and powers of the agency for investment decisions, gathering and selecting investors for investment in construction of transport infrastructure and announcing the list of projects calling for capital investment form the infrastructure in accordance with the law.
  • Publishing documents and guidelines for opening air ports, airport and aviation settings on the Prime Ministers assent.
  • The MOT also decides the temporary closing of airports, reopening of airports, the East Coast, open ports, port waters, maritime flow, ports, inland waterway the water means that on foreign, inland waterways, railway station, railway under the law.
  • The MOT holds the certificate of registration of airports, in accordance with the law.
  • Classifying the process of Government regulation, name or model number and specifications of the road level, decided to classify, modify the highway system, the number of the road.