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Ministry of Transport, Government of Vietnam (“MOT” or “the Authority”) has requested their transactions advisors (the “Transaction Advisors”), to develop this website for the purpose of sharing information and providing documents for the Dau Giay-Phan Thiet Expressway Project (“DPEP and/or the Project”). The information and documents provided on this website is intended solely for the purpose of enabling the viewers of the website (the “Applicant/Bidder and/or Applicants/Bidders”) to evaluate an investment in the DPEP and it is not to be reproduced or distributed to any other person (except to a Applicant’s/Bidder’s professional advisors or consortium partners).

Applicants/Bidders should not construe the contents of this website as business, legal, tax or financial advice. Each Applicant/Bidder should consult their own professional advisors as to the business, legal, tax, financial or other matters which may be relevant to the suitability and appropriateness of investing in the Project.

The information contained in the website, except where the context otherwise required, has been based on the assumption that the Project is implemented as herein described. Neither MOT nor their Transaction Advisors, nor their respective directors, officers, employees and representatives make any representation or warranty as to the accuracy, adequateness, reliability and completeness of the statements in this website or the information, opinions and intentions contained in or otherwise referred to in, or for any omissions from, this website. MOT and their Transaction Advisors expressly disclaim any and all liability which may be based on such information, errors therein or omissions therefrom. MOT and their Transaction Advisors have not assumed any responsibility for independent verification of any of the information set forth herein, including any projections or statements about the prospects of the Project contained herein.

Statistical data, legal information and other factual statements and industry data contained in this website have been obtained from other sources considered to be generally reliable. The information presented on this website may not be updated from time to time. Where the website summarizes the provisions of any other document, that summary should not be relied upon and the relevant documentation must be referred to for its full effect.

Any projections, forecasts and estimates contained herein are forward‑looking statements and are based upon certain assumptions. Projections are necessarily speculative in nature, and it can be expected that some or all of the assumptions underlying the projections will not materialise or will vary significantly from actual results.  Accordingly, the projections are only an estimate.  Actual results may vary from the projections, and the variations may be material. Some important factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those in any forward‑looking statements include, without limitation, market, financial or legal uncertainties.  Consequently, the inclusion of projections herein should not be regarded as a representation by MOT or their Transaction Advisors or any of its authorized representatives of the results that will actually be achieved in respect of the Project.
Neither MOT nor their Transaction Advisors or any of their authorized personnel have any obligation to update or otherwise revise any projections, including any revisions to reflect changes in economic conditions or other circumstances or to reflect the occurrence of unanticipated events, even if the underlying assumptions do not come to fruition.

No person has been authorised to give any information or to make any representation not contained herein or in a supplement hereto, and, if given or made, such other information or representation must not be relied upon.

All correspondence, communication or inquiries, including requests for additional information, should be directed to MOT and /or their Transaction Advisors.